Not Necessarily in Them Thar Hills
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Author Bobby Watkins tells the stories he recalled from the days he spent chasing bootleggers in Northern Neck and Middle Peninsulas of Virginia.  Each story has factual information, portrayals of the characters he encountered, and many humorous incidents.  He likes to say, "All of the stories are mostly true!"

Many people think moonshining takes place primarily in mountainous regions, but Watkins dispels the common notion with his stories of the illegal business of distilling liquor is Not Necessarily in Them Thar Hills.

As a revenuer with Virginia's Alcohol Beverage Control agency for 35 years, Watkins lived in Tappahannock, Virginia, where he remained happily married, raised three children, enjoyed his six grandchildren, and kept busy with part time work in law enforcement.  

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Not Necessarily in Them Thar Hills

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