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Wes Pippenger's latest book, "Tappahannock and Essex County, Virginia in Early Photographs," compiles 194 early photographs of Tappahannock and Essex County, Virginia.  Each was selected by Pippenger, whether it was unusual, interesting, or simply odd.

Robert B. "Rip" Rouzie, a life long native of Essex County, described the Town of Tappahannock as once being full of large, shady trees that lined most of the streets with spacious lawns that were will kept.  Johnny Rennolds, in a newspaper article on by-gone years, noted that Rouzie also said the Prince Street area (now known as Tappahannock's "Historic District") was a grassy dirt rpad and the courthouse square had a large large ditch around it that was crossed by a series of footbridges.

Wesley E. Pippenger is an author and research historian for Essex County, Virginia, who relocated to his restored home, "Little Egypt," in the heart of Tappahnnock, Viginia, in 2007.  He has published numerous books relating to Essex County history and families.

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Tappahannock and Essex County, Virginia in Early Photographs

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